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History of our 

Stained Glass Windows


Resurrection Window, James Bradley
The Resurrection Window
St. Paul Window, Patrick and Mary Lyons
St. Paul Window
The Annunication Window, Mary and James O'Connor
The Annunication Window
The Nativity Window, O'Connor Brothers, Michael Meehan, Bridget Meehan
The Nativity Window
The Holy Family Window, Peter Dawson, Catherine Dawson
The Holy Family Window
Gethsemane Window, George Francis 'Frank' Redmond, Thomas Redmond, Mary Jane Yore Redmond
Gethsemane Window
St.Margaret Mary Window, Mathew Atkinson, Sarah Ann Nolan Atkinson
St. Margaret Mary Window
Saint Dominic Window, Thomas Doyle, Ellen A. Melody Doyle, Patrick Melody, John Doyle
Saint Dominic Window
Good Shepard Window, Edward J. Kennedy, Rose Anna Redmond Kennedy, Sue Kennedy Lohenry
Good Shepard Window
St. Peter The Apostle Window, Johm Cooney, Ann Cooney, James Cooney, Edward Cooney
St. Peter The Apostle Window
John J. Burns, John Burns, Ann Doyle Burns
Burns Window
Sarah O'Boyle, Michael O'Boyle, Mary Swift O'Boyle
O'Boyle Window
John Lancaster, Dennis Lancaster, Elizabeth Curran Lancaster, Lancasterville, Eliza Lancaster
Lancaster Window
Anna L. Fagin, Anna Fagan, Anna Redmond Fagan, Michael Fagan, Michael Fagin,
Mrs. A. Fagin Window
George Barker, Julia Barker, Mary Barker, John Barker
Barker Window
James Fagin, Catherin Fagin, James Fagan, Catherine Fagan, Nicholas Fagan, Nicholas Fagin
James & Cath Fagin Window
Thimothy Gibbons, Timothy Gibbons, David Gibbons, Catherine Gibbons, Dennis Gibbons
Gibbons Window
Thomas Francis Yore, Mary Murphy Yore, Michael Yore
Yore Window
St. Patrick Window
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