St. Patrick Church, Bridge Group

For any woman who loves bridge and bountiful luncheons, here’s the best way to spend the third Wednesday each month from September to May beginning at 10:00am in the O'Gara Center.  

Researchers have discovered that mentally challenging games such as bridge are well suited for people because the games offer intellectual and social stimulation on a routine basis.  Bridge's intricacies make it particularly appealing for those who want to sharpen acuity with mental gymnastics. A study in 2000 at the University of California, Berkeley, found strong evidence that an area in the brain used in playing bridge stimulates the immune system. Researchers suggest that is because players must use memory, visualization and sequencing.

Bridge is also a social game. This distinction is important because it’s well known that staying socially connected is key to good health.  Playing bridge can help you develop new social circles and we are always looking to make new friends.  We don’t care how good you are, just how nice you are.


Please check our 2019-2020 schedule below and contact Judy DeMint at (847) 234-8246 if you would like to join this wonderful, spirited group.

Bridge Group

Check back for our 2020 - 2021 schedule

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