Providing Hope in the Midst of Crisis

Hunger is on the Rise in Lake County: You Can Help


Roberti Community House, Waukegan continues to provide emergency meals to food-insecure members of the Lake County community. Among other meal delivery services, they distribute 700-800 lunches per week to neighbors in need. 


St. Patrick Church is committed to supporting these efforts, and has helped to assemble meal kits for families since last September. We are responsible for delivering over 3,500 meal kits! In response to the growing need for lunches, we recently switched our volunteer efforts to assembling lunch bags. WE NEED YOUR HELP.


Lunch components are needed to carry out this mission. Please use the link below to support this effort, as you are able:


It is thanks to your generosity and continued support that we are able to remain responsive to the growing need.  Thank you for making it possible to provide hungry families with the food they need to survive.




We sincerely appreciate your support in helping us to provide for this at-risk community. In this perilous time, the greatest needs are for emergency housing and food. This critical need for food is driving our efforts DAILY. We are grateful for YOU. For more information, contact: Pam at

St. Patrick Church is a proud sponsor of the

Run for Roberti 5K logo.png

Funds raised will be used to combat hunger in Lake County.

Grab your shoes, some friends and head outdoors to walk or run your way to making a difference.

Sign up today at: