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Thomas Yore Window

The Thomas Yore stained glass window, located upstairs in the choir loft on the front wall of the church, is inscribed, “In Mry Thomas Yore.  Wife & Son”.    


Thomas Yore, the grandson of Michael and Rosanna Yore, was born to George Yore and Marry Tully on January 1st, 1866 in Everett, IL.  Thomas married Mary Murphy who was born in 1871.  Thomas and Mary had three children; Mary Rose (born 1906), Gertrude (born 1908) and Thomas born (1910).  


Thomas Yore had successfully established himself in the dairy business with his brothers Joseph and Edward.  Their thriving company was located in Chicago and called Yore Brothers Bottled Milk and Cream.  Thomas attened Mass each morning then took the train to and from Chicago daily to tend to his business.  Thomas would eventually sell his dairy to Borden’s.  


Thomas was an avid reader and an educated man.  He was instrumental in the creation of the Deerpath Public Golf Course in Lake Forest.  The land our old church sits on belonged to Thomas Yore and is credited for why our church is in its current location.


Thomas died on September 22nd, 1935 at the age of 69 years old.  His wife, Mary, survived him 18 years and passed in 1958.  Thomas and Mary are interred in St. Patrick Cemetery.

Thomas Yore, Michael Yore, St. Patrick Church, Lake Forest, IL
Thomas Yore homestead
Front Row Left to Right: Jane “Jen” Mary Yore Dorfler, George Yore, Mary Tully Yore, Thomas Francis Yore.
Back Row Left to Right:  Edward J. Yore, Catherine “Kit” Yore Bradley, Loretta Ruth Yore Dorfler, Louis Francis Yore, Mary “Mae” Ann Yore Murphy, Rose Anna Yore, 
Joseph J. Yore 
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