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St. Peter The Apostle Window

The St. Peter the Apostle window stained glass window is inscribed, “Donated by Cooney Bros in Memory of Deceased Parents Bros & Sis”.  John Cooney was born in Cavan County Ireland in 1808 and immigrated to Chicago in 1836.  He lived in Chicago for twelve years then moved to Lake Forest where he purchased 156 acres of land to farm.  While living in Chicago he married Ann Murray in 1843.  Ann was born in Latrim County Ireland December 5, 1823.  


John and Ann Cooney had eleven children born between 1844 and 1865; Anthony, Michael, Rosanna, Margaret, Jane, John, James, Francis, Thomas, Mary, Rosina and Edward.  Their mother, Ann Cooney, passed away in 1884 at the age of 61 and their father, John Cooney, passed away in 1890 at the age of 82 years.


At the time our church was built and the windows were donated, James and Edward Cooney were the only surviving children and donated the window in honor of their parents, brothers and sisters whom all passed away.  At the time, James was 60 and Edward was 45 years old.  John, Ann and most of their children are interred in St. Patrick Cemetery.

John Cooney, Ann Cooney, St. Patrick Cemetery
John and Ann Cooney headstone,
St. Patrick Cemetery
John Cooney, Ann Murray Cooney, James Cooney, Edward Cooney, Anthony Cooney, Michael Cooney, Rosanna Cooney, Margaret Cooney, Jane Cooney, Francis Cooney, Thomas Cooney, Mary Cooney, Rosina Cooney, St. Peter the Apostle, St. Patrick Church, Lake Forest, Illinois
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