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Lancaster Window

The John Lancaster stained glass window, located on the landing of the staircase to the choir loft, is inscribed, “Donated by John Lancaster.  In Memory of His Parents”. 


John Lancaster is the son of Dennis Lancaster and Elizabeth Curran.  Dennis Lancaster was born in County Wexford, Ireland in 1815 and his wife, Elizabeth was born in Dublin.  They came to America in 1841 settling in this area.  Their name was given to the local post office called Lancasterville that was established in 1887 and discontinued in 1904.  In 1892, Lancasterville was officially called Everett.  ‘Everett’ was chosen by Thomas Doyle who named the railroad station after the son of the general ticket agent of the Chicago and Milwaukee Railroad.


Dennis and Eliza Lancaster accumulated 300 acres of land and had twelve children; Nora, Eliza, Susan, Richard, Catherine, Theresa, Marie, Henry and John.  John donated the window to honor his parents.  Dennis and Eliza are buried in St. Patrick Cemetery.

John Lancaster, Dennis Lancaster, Elizabeth Lancaster, Lancasterville, Everett, Illinois
Lancaster, Everett, Illinois, Lancasterville, St. Patrick Church, St. Patrick Cemetery, Lake Forest, IL
John Lancaster, Dennis Lancaster, Lancasterville, Illinois, St. Patrick Church, Lake Forest, IL
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