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“We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us exercise them.”

– Romans 12:6

How is God calling you to serve the Church?

Every member within the Church is called by God to use their gifts and talents for the service of the Church community. Some are called to lead bible studies, others to sing in the choir, and others to be catechists! Each person has a specific combination of gifts designed to minister a particular community within the Church. Pope Francis is calling the Church to accompany the youth towards a deep and fulfilling relationship with Christ and His Church. God could be calling you to use your gifts and talents in leading teens closer to Christ!

If you are interested in helping with St. Patrick’s Youth Ministry program please fill out the Interest Form by clicking on the "I Want to be a Volunteer" button below.

If you have questions about being a Youth Ministry Volunteer please contact Brandin Stoy at or 847-234-1401

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