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For our parishes, schools, ministries and communities throughout Cook and Lake counties.


The Archdiocese of Chicago proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ and carries on his mission through our parishes, schools and ministries. The Annual Catholic Appeal supports low-income parishes and their schools, religious education classes and other outreach programs, Catholic Relief Services and the development of our priests, among other worthy programs and initiatives.


Moved by Christ’s call to live as disciples, we come together at the table through the Annual Catholic Appeal to care for our Church and each other. As parishes meets their ACA  goal, proceeds return to the parish to carry out the healing mission in their own local community.

Your gift supports important ministries

Catholic Schools

The Annual Catholic Appeal helps provide annual scholarship support to thousands of Catholic school families eligible for financial aid. You support puts a faith-filled, academically excellent and supportive education within reach.

Children's Formation/Relgious Education

The Annual Catholic Appeal helps provide high-quality training and resources to parish faith formation leaders and catechists. Each year, the Church in Chicago provides faith formation and sacramental preparation to more that 40,000 children and teens.

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Office of the Deaf.jpg

Office of the Deaf

The Office of the Deaf is an agency of the Archdiocese of Chicago and responsible for the pastoral care of deaf and hard-of-hearing persons, as well as their families. The office also offers religious education and sacramental preparation for families who have a person(s) in their family who is deaf or hard of hearing.

Catholic Relief Services

For 80 Years, Catholic Relief Services has represented the Church's healing presence worldwide, including this pictured man from Bangladesh. Without regard for religious affiliation, CRS promotes human development by responding to major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty and nurturing peaceful and just societies. Through the Annual Catholic Appeal, the generosity of the people of the Archdiocese of Chicago support this vital ministry.

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Calvert House.jpg

Calvert House

Located on the University of Chicago campus, Calvert House's mission is to invite students to grow deeper in Christ and wider with the Church - that is, to encounter Jesus Christ ever more deeply and to discover and live out the vocation to discipleship within the context of the Church and in service to the world.


For a complete listing of ministries supported by the Annual Catholic Appeal, please visit

Our faith, which draws us ever closer to God as we work to renew our local Church within a new missionary age. We endeavor to grow as disciples so we might share the love of Jesus Christ in creative ways and strengthen our parish communities to welcome and invite others.

Our parishes, where our faith is lived out. The Annual Catholic Appeal provides significant funding to local parishes through the rebate program as well as support to under-resourced parishes and schools throughout Cook and Lake County.

Our priests, who deserve our gratitude and support. The Annual Catholic Appeal provides funds for priest and seminarian education and ongoing development providing our priests with important formation opportunities to best serve their communities.

Our schools, which offer a robust academic education and form a new generation in faith. Scholarships provide critical support to make Catholic education possible and foster our children's relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church.


2023 Annual Catholic Appeal



These projections are based on anticipated needs and are subject to change. The list below is meant to summarize the far-reaching impact of the Appeal, and so is not a comprehensive list of all the Archdiocese's ministries.

Low-income parishes and schools (31%)

  • Support for parishes and schools serving financially challenged communities

Parish-based incentives (24%)

  • After a parish reaches goal, donated funds return to the parish for local use

Archdiocesan Ministries (15%)

  • Outreach initiatives for young adults, families, children and others

Spiritual renewal efforts (8%)

  • Transforming parishes to share our faith in new and creative ways

Priest formation (6%)

  • Education and development for seminarians and priests in the Archdiocese of Chicago

Scholarships (5%)

  • Tuition assistance for disadvantaged Catholic school families

Catholic Relief Services (4%)

  • Support for those suffering from natural disasters around the world

Cost of the Appeal (7%)

  • Printing, postage, processing costs for the Appeal

ACA 2024 Chart How Will Funds Be Used.png

With Heartfelt Gratitude


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


We have faced many challenges in our world — from diseases and social upheavals to climate disasters and economic uncertainty. Still, we hope, because the Lord has walked with us, and we have walked with each other. The Lord's table has sustained us. This year’s Annual Catholic Appeal echoes these experiences.


This year, our theme is Together at the Table. It evokes the Last Supper and the stories of the two disciples on the way to Emmaus who are together at the table with the Lord. In these images, we know ourselves as gathered together, as fed by the Eucharist, and as missionary disciples sent into the world. Closely connected to this is Pope Francis' call for a synodal Church, that is, a Church "on the road together." When we are together at the table, the altar of the lord's sacrifice, we find the true means that sustain us on our shared journey homeward.

Please consider joining me to support this year's Appeal, so that together we can be instruments of God's grace. Your generous contribution - I can assure you - will be a source of blessing for many people and for you yourself and your loved ones. Thank you.


Sincerely yours in Christ,


Archbishop of Chicago


When you recognize God’s many and generous gifts in your life and acknowledge that by making your own gift of $1,500 or more to the Annual Catholic Appeal, Cardinal Cupich welcomes you into the Lumen Cordium Society. In addition to the spiritual benefit of expressing your gratitude to the Lord, Society membership includes:

  • An invitation to the annual Mass and reception with Cardinal Cupich

  • Receiving Lumen Cordium magazine twice a year

  • Inclusion in the Prayer Intention Book of Society membership

  • Intentions remembered at monthly Mass in Saint James Chapel

Please note that your Lumen Cordium Society pledge can be made payable in installments. And, if you wish, it can be made anonymously.

To make a gift to the 2024 Annual Catholic Appeal and for information on how Appeal funds are spent, visit

The Annual Catholic Appeal supports the work of the Church in the Archdiocese of Chicago. No money donated to the Annual Catholic Appeal has been or will be used to defray expenses related to misconduct issues.

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