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October 19, 2023: Be an Advocate for Victims of Domestic Violence

True change happens when everyday people contribute to large movements.

You don’t have to be famous, on TV, or have a huge online following to make a difference. It starts with the small step of believing the stories of survivors, and then committing to learn more about the problems facing those survivors and their children.

Every day you can be an advocate just by chatting with others at school, work, church, wherever. Let others know you care about domestic violence. Wear purple during Domestic Violence Awareness month in October. When you’re asked what it’s about, explain why you are concerned about domestic violence.

If someone says, “Well, why don’t they just leave,” respond with, “Why are the abuser’s actions allowed to go unpunished?” Misunderstandings about domestic violence are perpetuated because people simply accept them as the truth. Start a conversation that might lead to a changed mind.

You can let lawmakers know that protecting domestic violence survivors through strong and safe policy is important to you. When Archdiocese of Chicago Domestic Violence Outreach (ACDVO) sends you a call to action on pending legislation, you can reach out to your legislator.

If you are a victim or survivor of domestic abuse seeking help:

National Hotline: 1-800-799 SAFE (7233); 1-800-787-3224 (TDD)


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