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The Circle

St. Patrick Church The Circle

We Are

As with any circle of individuals who come together with common purpose and interest, a small group of St. Patrick lay men and women came together with interest in growing in our spiritual lives and sharing a variety of resources with one another to achieve that end. 


Out of that shared purpose, the Circle ministry was established in 2019 to complement—and where possible—to augment the existing variety of resources already available to our parishioners. 


We Hope

to achieve this purpose by making available a variety of liturgical prayer and devotional practices as well as insightful reflections on the spiritual life selected from the rich treasures of piety and teachings afforded us by Holy Mother Church. We focus our apostolate on the Holy Eucharist... Mary... Prayer... and Respect Life. 


We Present

each of these four areas of focus in its own Circle.   Click on each of the links below to learn more about each and view upcoming activities, initiatives, liturgical prayer, devotional practices and regular reflections and teachings related to the essentials of our Catholic faith.


We Welcome

all people to be a part of our apostolate. No meetings ... no other requirement other than to take advantage of our services and other offerings—all of which are intended to bring our hearts into more intimate union with our Lord.

Click on the links above to view each Circle page.

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