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Prayer Circle


Our Purpose

Prayer is the expression in word and action of our relationship with

God. Its purpose is to develop and deepen this relationship through

spoken prayer- liturgical prayer, or heart to heart prayer, spontaneous


St. Francis de Sales teaches us that “If prayer be a colloquy, a discourse or a conversation of the soul with God, by it then, we speak to God and He speaks to us: We aspire to Him and breathe in Him and He reciprocally inspires us and breathes upon us.”

We Catholics have a rich treasure of prayers for all occasions or circumstances. The most precious of these is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Consistent with this greatest prayer are prayers of adoration, praise, petition and thanksgiving.


This website is here to help one deepen one’s spiritual life, and enhance the prayer life of the Parish.

Our Profile

One can become part of the Prayer Circle by praying daily and participating in all or many of the opportunities for prayer offered by our Parish including those offered in the Marian Circle and Eucharistic Circle


The requests on the Prayer Walls and those listed in our parish bulletin provide Prayer Circle Members the opportunities to give spiritual support to those who find themselves in difficult circumstances.


Prayer of the Month

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Prayers of St. Francis De Sales and St. Padre Pio

April, 2020

We offer the following Prayers of St. Francis de Sales and St. Padre Pio during this time of great anxiety and uncertainty.

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Let Us Pray for Holy Mother Church and St. Patrick

April, 2020

No situation is outside the light of the Resurrection, the power of the Holy Spirit, or God the Father’s love. Every aspect of our lives is under this powerful influence. When we pray, whether it be for the needs of the world or our own spiritual growth, then God is there to meet our every desire.

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In Conversation with our God in this Time of Pestilence and Isolation

April 12, 2020

During this time of containment and silence here are some examples of prayer forms which maintain union with our God over the course of our day.

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Other Resources

Studies have shown that everyone prays; even some atheists say that they pray. So what is prayer? What makes Christian prayer distinctive? Bishop Barron answers these questions and offers recommendations on how to improve your prayer life.

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