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Session 20

7:00 - 8:30pm in the O'Gara Center

Mary and the Hope of Heaven

Session 20

Christianity helps us make sense not just of life in this world but also of life after death. It gives us the hope of living forever with God, but also makes us realistic about what we will face at the end of our lives. This Sycamore film looks at the traditional “Last Things”: death, judgment, heaven, purgatory, and hell. It shows how we are called to holiness and to heaven – to follow the example of the saints. And it finishes with a meditation on the Blessed Virgin Mary, on what Catholics believe about her, and how we can come to know and love her more.

Part 20A – Death, judgment, and our longing for eternal life.
20B – Holiness, the saints, and our hope for heaven.
20C – What Catholics believe about the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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