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Men's Group Mass &

Service Schedule

For our Men's Group to seek God's leadership, we must be founded on and fueled by prayer. The Men of St. Patrick gather monthly at Mass to seek God's direction for our ministry and our causes.  Praying together is one of the single most significant things we can do to cultivate unity in our church and our men's ministry.  What are some other reasons why it's important to for us to gather together and pray?  

Peace of mind: The most desired emotional gift we can receive through prayers. When you take all your troubles to someone you believe can handle them for you, it relieves you of the burdens and stresses associated with having to carry such loads.

Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing: Everyone greatly desires health, healing, and longevity.  Medical studies have indicated that people who are religious and pray have increased mental and physical health.

Forgiveness: Restoration to physical and spiritual health requires forgiveness and cleansing in our personal lives.  God has guaranteed forgiveness to all who ask.

Divine Wisdom and Guidance: Through prayer, you can tap into divine knowledge to aid you every area of life.  There is no need to go through life confused about anything when God has promised, ‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know'.

Stronger Faith and Trust in God: When you pray consistently, you develop a bond that grows with the One to Whom your prayers are directed. You become more confident about living life to the fullest. And the deeper that faith becomes, the more effective your prayers will be.

Join us and bring a friend!  We invite you to stay for breakfast immediately following Mass. 

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