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April 23rd, 2023: 3rd Sunday of Easter

I always feel a little sad when someone begins to speak to me with the words, “Father, I know you’re so busy, but …” It happens a lot. And I get it. He or she is trying to be respectful of my time. But it saddens me because a priest makes Jesus present to people in a special way, and Jesus always has time for us. Don’t we all feel at times that God just doesn’t have time for us?

Nonsense. Just look at the stunning “Road to Emmaus” story we hear this week. It’s the day Jesus rose from the dead. And the Risen One appears in disguise to two disciples. He walks with them, chats with them, and eventually eats with them. It could have been hours he spends with them — two unnamed persons — in the middle of nowhere. On the day he rose from the dead!

My friends, please take this to heart: The Risen Jesus is not too busy to spend time with you! He doesn’t have “better things to do.” You and I are members of this crucified and risen Body. He therefore has all the time in the world to be with us. So, I challenge you this week to approach him confidently in prayer and conversation. After all, being with you and me is the reason he rose from the dead.

— Father John Muir



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