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“Behold your Mother”, these are the words that Jesus spoke to His “beloved disciple” at the foot of the cross.  We are told that the disciple then took Mary into his home.  Did you know that you are the beloved disciple?  It’s true; Jesus gave Mary to each and every one of us, at the foot of the cross, to be our “Spiritual Mother”.  Have you taken her into your home?

This year, 2018, at St. Patrick’s Church we are celebrating a Marian Year.  We are dedicating this year to our Spiritual Mother; Jesus’ Mother, Mary.  If you have already taken Mary into your home, come join your fellow parishioners and learn more about the Mother of God.  Learn how she received her many titles, such as Mother of God and Perpetual Virgin, and why they are so important to Christ and His Church.  Deepen your devotion by praying and meditating on Mary’s sorrows during the Lenten season.  Join us on a Pilgrimage to Champion, Wisconsin; to visit Our Lady of Good Help, the only approved Marian Apparition in the United States.

If Marian devotion is not yet a part of your daily routine, then come join us and explore the many facets of Marian Devotion.  Learn how to pray the Rosary and why it is so vital to your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the whole world.  Understand, as St. Louis De Montfort teaches, that deepening your understating of and devotion to Mary will draw you closer to her Son, Jesus Christ. 

This is an opportunity for all Parishioners to either develop or deepen their devotion to Mary, our Spiritual Mother.  We welcome all to come and share in the Marian Year at St. Patrick’s Church.  Let us use this year to truly take Jesus’ last request to heart and bring Mary into our homes. 

Schedule of Events

Marion Upcoming Events

July 12, 2018

Check back for upcoming events for the second half of 2018.

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