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Christmas Program 



December 8th, 2017

9:30am - 1:30pm

O'Gara Center

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“Her Hamilton: 

As Told By His Wife, Eliza”

Following the popular Tony Award winning play “Hamilton”… We heard the true story of one of our Founding Fathers of our nation, Alexander Hamilton.  We heard it from his wife, Eliza’s point of view as she told of his early beginnings in the West Indies, and the road that took him to America.  We discovered the role he played in the Revolutionary War, and how he helped develop the new America.  


Eliza, portrayed by Lynn Rymarz, shared the story of their love, their marriage and family, his betrayal, his death in a duel, and the courage and strength she needed to go on with her life after he died.  We Learned about the country’s fight for independence, the founding of the new country, and the men and women behind the scenes.


Beautiful holiday music was provided by the Daniel Wright Junior High Orchestra and a delicious buffet of roasted chicken and accompaniments was catered by Chef Dave.

Lynn Rymarz as Eliza Hamilton

Lynn Rymarz as Eliza Hamilton

2017 WG Christmas Program Photos


Christmas Program Luncheon Photos

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