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Welcoming Ministry

The role of the Welcoming Ministry is to foster a welcoming environment that is outreaching, inviting and inclusive to all members and visitors of St. Patrick Church. Our goal is to foster an environment where people feel a part of this parish family; are encouraged to celebrate the Liturgy and the Eucharist while developing a deeper understanding of their faith; participate in ministry opportunities which give witness to God’s love; and continue their faith journey as we grow as disciples of Christ together.


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide an atmosphere of warmth and welcome which encourages us to participate together in the quest for a relationship and union with God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


1. Foster a Social Environment that Encourages Parishioner Participation:

  • For New Parishioners- Twice yearly, the ministry organizes and hosts social events for new parishioners (Spring and Fall).

  • To Build upon our Current Parishioner Involvement- This Ministry will organize other willing ministries/groups of the parish to host an Hospitality Sunday. The goal is to have one Hospitality Sunday per month.

  • Assist with Greeting Parishioners at masses


2. Welcoming New Parishioners:

  • Welcome phone call to be made by member of the Welcoming Ministry

  • Depending upon the parishioners expressed areas of interest, a welcoming ministry member would direct the individual to the appropriate ministry leaders.

  • Members of Welcoming Ministry will follow-up with new parishioners to invite them to parish events.


3. Welcome Folder: This ministry will be responsible for keeping the Welcoming Folder supply current for distribution by the staff to newly registered parishioners.


4. Maintain/Create Nametags for use by Parish Representatives: When necessary, nametags will be updated by Welcoming Ministry.


5. Keep website information up-to-date regarding this ministry

  • Provide Hospitality Sunday dates for the year

  • Provide dates for socials in advance for bulletin notices

  • Write articles on Welcoming Ministry events.

For more information, contact the parish office 847-234-1401

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