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Public Action to Deliver Shelter


Dinner is the first Monday of every month.


Lunch prepared on first Monday of every month.


Dinner is provided for up to 42 men, women and children who reside at the PADS site known as The Center. It is located on 8th Street and Victory in Waukegan.  Lunches are prepared for the following day.


In January of each year after all masses, volunteers can sign up with the Focus on Family members for a specific month to make all or part of a dinner, including a main course, vegetable or salad, rolls and dessert, and provide paper products.  On their first assigned Monday, the volunteers bring the food and paper products to the Creaths.  In addition, volunteers are welcome to serve at The Center. They must arrive at the PADS site at 5 pm to prepare the meal.  Dinner is served at 6 pm.  All workers are encouraged to eat and socialize with the residents and then help clean up afterwards.


Lunches for the following day are assembled that Monday night.  The lunch supplies and assembly are provided by Creed Youth Ministry, however, donation of money, food, sandwich and lunch bags, as well as youth volunteers, are welcome.  After dinner, youth volunteers take time to interact or tutor children living at The Center.  There must be an adult present with the teens.


Other needs at the PADS site are leftover food from a gathering, bedding, cleaning supplies and toys. For more information or to volunteer,  contact Jim or Gail Creath at the Parish Office.

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