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O'Gara Parish Center Renovation

Through the generosity of our parishioners in the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign, we are about to begin renovation of the O'Gara Parish Center.  The O'Gara Center was built in 1968 to provide classroom space for Religious Education, a social space for parish events, and an air-conditioned worship space during the summer months.  After 50 years it's time for the O'Gara Parish Center to be modernized.

After an 18-month process of working with the architectural firm of David F. Schultz Associates, which specializes in church design and facilities for church-based ministries, we are ready to begin the construction phase.  We anticipate construction to begin the summer of 2018 and conclude by November.  

Below is an architectural rendering of the remodeled O'Gara Parish Center.  This video is a close representation of what the O'Gara Parish Center will look like when construction is completed.  There may be some alterations to the final design, such as carpeting, that are not reflected in this video.  However, it is a close visualization of our remodeled Parish Center.

Update:  September 7, 2018

“To Teach Who Christ Is—Your Donations at Work”:

Construction is progressing nicely in the O'Gara Center!

Update:  July 25, 2018

“To Teach Who Christ Is—Your Donations at Work”:

As you know, construction on the O’Gara Activity Center has begun! We thank you for your patience as this project continues.  Check back later for more updates!

Update:  May 30, 2018

On Tuesday, May 29th construction crews installed fencing and began the demolition of the O'Gara Parish Center.  The southwest entrance near Religious Education remains open, however, please be cautious when using that doorway.

Update:  May 11, 2018

The renovation of the O’Gara Parish Center is proceeding as expected.  Beginning the week of May 21, construction fencing will be installed and equipment will be arriving and staged in the south west parking lot.  Demolition is scheduled to begin Tuesday, May 29.  The west entrance to the church campus, near Religious Education, will be inaccessible throughout the demolition and construction phase.  We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to our updated parish activity center.

Please check back for regular updates.  We will continue to revise this page as new information become available.

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