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HYSSOP Lenten Series

Holy Spirit Speaking in Our Presence

Biblical Pilgrimage

Our Hyssop Lenten series is returning this year, hosted by Therese O'Sullivan. We will take a biblical pilgrimage through Christ's Passion, walking step-by-step with Him from the Garden of Gethsemane to Mount Calvary.

We will be reading the book "No Greater Love" by Edward Sri (available on Amazon) and watching an award-winning video series filmed on location in the Holy Land.

Over 5 weeks we will reflect on, discuss and come to a deeper appreciation of God's unconditional and immeasurable love for us.

No Greater Love.jpg

Encounter Christ's Journey

Through this time together we will gain a better understanding of and have an intimate encounter of the journey Christ took for us, preparing us for a more enriching and meaningful experience of our liturgical celebrations during Holy Week.


There will be two options to participate:

  1. A meeting in person on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm, or

  2. A Zoom virtual format at noon on Friday's

We will begin Wednesday, March 16 (in-person) and Friday, March 18 virtually.

If you wish to attend, email Therese at

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