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April 2nd, 2023: Palm Sunday

Alleluia! The exclamation rings out across the land, and we who are disciples of Jesus Christ pause to reflect on the reality that he rose from the grave and, in turn, conquered death. In today's colleges and universities, in pulpits of every denomination, and in books and journals, there are those who say it is unimportant whether or not he really rose from the dead. They say that the facts do not impact the moral of the story. Of course, two thousand years of Christianity give evidence that they are incorrect. What the faithful of many generations have experienced and given testimony to is not something built on an idea. It is not a philosophy or a self-help psychology.

The church is a direct result of real events in the course of human history. Without those real events, we simply follow a man who showed us a different way to live. Instead, we follow a God who emptied himself into a human form, suffered the pain of torture and death at the hands of those he had created, and then shattered the chains of death so that we in our human form may follow suit. Today, humanity is redeemed. It is time to face the facts!

— Father John Muir



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